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Here are 90 Best RPG Blogs you should follow in 2024

1. RPG Site

RPG Site RPG Site is a premier destination for RPG fans, offering comprehensive coverage on role-playing video games. Founded in 2006 by Alex and Mike, veterans of Final Fantasy fan sites, it provides news, reviews, and features for all RPG platforms. The team includes experts like Adam, Bryan, James, Josh 1, Josh 2, Cullen, Chao, and Kite, who bring extensive knowledge and passion to the site. Notably, RPG Site maintains editorial independence and covers a wide range of RPG-related content, including niche and mainstream titles.
Blog rpgsite.net
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2. EN World

EN World EN World is a premier destination for tabletop role-playing game (RPG) enthusiasts, offering the latest news, reviews, and community discussions. Founded and authored by Russ Morrissey, a prominent figure in the RPG community, the blog features contributions from a talented editorial team, including Mike Tresca and Jessica Hancock. EN World covers a wide range of RPGs, from Dungeons & Dragons to indie games, providing insightful articles and engaging content. With its deep-rooted passion for RPGs and a commitment to quality, EN World is an essential resource for gamers seeking comprehensive and authoritative coverage in the tabletop gaming universe.
Blog enworld.org
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3. RPGFan | Extensive RPG News and Reviews Coverage Since 1998

RPGFan | Extensive RPG News and Reviews Coverage Since 1998 RPGFan is a premier destination for fans of role-playing games, offering extensive coverage on RPGs, graphic adventures, visual novels, and roguelikes since its inception in 1997. Founded by Mickey 'GhaleonOne' Shannon, the site has evolved significantly while maintaining its commitment to in-depth RPG coverage. The editorial team, led by Owner & Editor-in-Chief Mike Salbato, includes notable members like Gio Castillo (News Manager) and Hilary Andreff (Proofreading/QA Manager). RPGFan's dedicated staff ensures thorough reviews, news updates, and engaging features, making it a go-to resource for RPG enthusiasts.
Blog rpgfan.com
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4. RPGGeek Blog

RPGGeek Blog RPGGeek is a comprehensive platform for tabletop role-playing game enthusiasts, offering an extensive database of games, reviews, and community discussions. The site is part of the BoardGameGeek family, known for its detailed and user-driven content. While specific author details and editorial team contributors are not highlighted, the platform thrives on contributions from a passionate gaming community. RPGGeek is an invaluable resource for both new and veteran RPG players, providing tools, resources, and forums to enhance their gaming experience.
Blog rpggeek.com
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5. RPGamer

RPGamer RPGamer, established in 1998, is a premier source for RPG game reviews, news, and features. Initially a fan site for SquareSoft games, it evolved to cover RPGs from all developers. The site, now part of Squared Media LLC, is renowned for its thorough game reviews and news accuracy. The team, including volunteers and editors like Sam Wachter and Michael Apps, ensures comprehensive coverage. RPGamer's commitment to quality and community engagement makes it a trusted resource for RPG enthusiasts.
Blog rpgamer.com
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6. Roleplaying Tips Blog

Roleplaying Tips Blog Roleplaying Tips is a blog dedicated to enhancing the skills of game masters (GMs), founded by Johnn Four in 1999. With decades of experience in GMing, Johnn has authored several books and published over a million words on game mastering. The blog features a wealth of tips, articles, and resources aimed at helping GMs create engaging and memorable gaming experiences. Johnn's dedication to the community is evident in his regular newsletter and the collaborative nature of the site, which incorporates contributions from GMs worldwide
Blog roleplayingtips.com
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7. Kurisu's Chronogaming | The Home For My Chronological Playthroughs — Strategy RPGs and Super Famicom

Kurisu's Chronogaming | The Home For My Chronological Playthroughs — Strategy RPGs and Super Famicom RPG Blog is a dedicated space created by Kurisu to chronicle his chronological playthroughs of strategy RPGs and Super Famicom RPGs. Kurisu, the author, offers detailed reviews, insights, and personal experiences from his gaming journey. The blog also covers a variety of other RPG genres and occasionally features older games. Updates are generally posted on weekends, providing a consistent stream of content for RPG enthusiasts.
Blog rpgblog.net
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8. Sly Flourish

Sly Flourish Sly Flourish is a blog dedicated to helping game masters run outstanding tabletop roleplaying games, especially Dungeons & Dragons. Authored by Mike Shea, the site provides practical advice, tools, and resources, including articles on game preparation, running sessions, and enhancing player engagement. Mike Shea, known for his 'Lazy Dungeon Master' series, focuses on simplifying game mastering while maximizing fun and creativity.
Blog slyflourish.com
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9. Kobold Press Blog

Kobold Press Blog Kobold Press' blog is a treasure trove for fans of tabletop roleplaying games, offering articles, updates, and insights into their high-quality game materials. Founded by Wolfgang Baur in 2006, Kobold Press has earned acclaim for its innovative game books like the 'Tome of Beasts' and the 'Deep Magic' series. The blog is managed by a skilled editorial team, featuring content that delves into game design, storytelling, and player engagement. With a commitment to enhancing the RPG experience, Kobold Press continues to be a leading voice in the gaming community.
Blog koboldpress.com
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10. Bell of Lost Souls » RPGs

Bell of Lost Souls » RPGs Bell of Lost Souls (BoLS) is a leading blog in tabletop gaming and RPG news, offering extensive coverage on games like Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer 40,000, as well as pop culture topics. Founded by Larry Vela in 2006, the blog features contributions from editors Danni Button and Adam Harrison, among others. BoLS is committed to providing timely updates, in-depth reviews, and opinionated editorials, serving over 1.5 million readers monthly. The blog aims to be a trusted source for gamers and pop culture enthusiasts.
Blog belloflostsouls.net
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11. RPGWatch

RPGWatch RPGWatch is a comprehensive resource for RPG enthusiasts, providing the latest news, reviews, and articles on role-playing games. Founded by a dedicated team of RPG fans, the blog covers a wide array of RPG-related topics, from game releases and updates to in-depth analysis and community discussions. The editorial team, including contributors like Myrthos and Hiddenx, is committed to delivering quality content to keep readers informed and engaged.
Blog rpgwatch.com
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12. Elven Tower

Elven Tower Elven Tower is a blog dedicated to providing high-quality content, cartography, and adventures for fantasy role-playing games. Founded by Derek Ruiz, an experienced game master with nearly two decades of experience, the blog features a wealth of resources for D&D and other RPG systems. Derek partners with Arthur Rouise, who handles illustrative work, editing, and marketing. The blog offers detailed maps, one-page dungeons, full adventures, and much more, making it an invaluable resource for both novice and veteran gamers.
Blog elventower.com
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13. Gnome Stew

Gnome Stew Gnome Stew is an award-winning multi-author blog focused on tabletop games and game mastering. Founded by Martin Ralya and later led by John Arcadian and Angela Murray, it features articles, reviews, and tips for GMs by veteran gamers like Phil Vecchione and Matthew J. Neagley. The blog's mission is to provide the best RPG advice, helping gamers enhance their gaming experiences. Gnome Stew also partners with Engine Publishing to produce system-neutral GMing books.
Blog gnomestew.com
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14. The Official RPG Maker Blog | The Official RPG Maker Blog

The Official RPG Maker Blog | The Official RPG Maker Blog The Official RPG Maker Blog is a hub for RPG enthusiasts, providing news, resources, and updates on the latest RPG Maker software and assets. Managed by a dedicated team, the blog features contributions from various experts in game development. Key figures include lead developer Kazuki, renowned for his innovative RPG designs. The blog not only covers software updates and new releases but also offers tutorials and community spotlights. Interesting fact: the blog frequently highlights unique asset packs, like the recent CyberCity series, enhancing the creative possibilities for game developers.
Blog rpgmakerweb.com
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15. Dyson's Dodecahedron Blog

Dyson's Dodecahedron Blog Dyson Logos' blog, Dyson's Dodecahedron, is a treasure trove for RPG enthusiasts, featuring an extensive collection of hand-drawn maps and detailed game content. Created by Dyson Logos, an experienced RPG designer and illustrator, the blog provides free resources for both personal and commercial use, supported by a dedicated Patreon community. Dyson's work emphasizes old-school pen-and-paper aesthetics, and his blog includes tutorials, adventures, and geomorph projects, making it an invaluable resource for game masters and players alike.
Blog dysonlogos.blog
Twitter Followers 21K Frequency 3 posts / week Since Mar 2009 Domain Authority 46 Get Email Contact

16. World Anvil Blog » Mapmaking

World Anvil Blog » Mapmaking The World Anvil blog's mapmaking section is a treasure trove of tips, tutorials, and resources for creating detailed and interactive maps. World Anvil, founded by Janet Forbes and Dimitris Havlidis, provides a comprehensive suite of worldbuilding tools designed for writers, game masters, and creatives. The blog features contributions from experienced mapmakers and worldbuilders, offering guidance on everything from basic cartography to advanced interactive map features.
Blog blog.worldanvil.com
Facebook Followers 4.2KTwitter Followers 13.5KInstagram Followers 5.6K Frequency 1 post / week Domain Authority 55 Get Email Contact

17. All Things Roleplay

All Things Roleplay All Things Roleplay is a dedicated blog that enhances the roleplaying experience by offering a variety of resources, including advertisements, character requests, and site ideas. Established in 2011, the blog is managed by a passionate team known as the ATR Staff. They provide support for JCINK and Invisionfree roleplaying forums, aiming to create an inclusive and supportive community for all roleplayers.
Blog allthingsroleplay.tumblr.com
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18. Mantic Games News

Mantic Games News Mantic Games' blog delivers the latest news and updates on their miniature wargames and board games, offering insights into new releases, game strategies, and community events. Founded by Ronnie Renton, Mantic Games has established itself as a key player in the tabletop gaming industry. The blog features contributions from a dedicated editorial team, including John Jack and Rob Burman, who provide expert commentary and updates. Interesting facts include the company's commitment to affordability and quality, making tabletop gaming accessible to a wider audience.
Blog manticgames.com
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19. Tribality

Tribality Tribality is a collection of advice, homebrews, tools, research, news and other fun tabletop RPG stuff for everyone. Tribality.com provides D&D and tabletop RPG reviews, news, homebrews, tools, research, and other stuff for Gamemasters and Players.og:Description - Triba
Blog tribality.com
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20. Campaign Mastery Blog

Campaign Mastery Blog Campaign Mastery's blog, co-founded by Mike Bourke and Johnn Four, is a treasure trove for tabletop RPG enthusiasts, offering expert advice on creating and running exceptional campaigns. Mike, an experienced gamer since 1981, leads the blog with extensive insights from his long-running campaigns across various genres. Johnn, known for his Roleplaying Tips e-zine, contributed significantly to the blog's early content. Campaign Mastery stands out for its detailed articles, ranging from campaign creation to game mastering techniques, aiming to enhance the gaming experience for both novice and seasoned GMs.
Blog campaignmastery.com
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21. Tenkar's Tavern

Tenkar's Tavern A blog focused on OSR gaming, the Swords & Wizardry RPG, and all things Dungeons & Dragons. The blog is written by Christopher Stogdill and Tenkar. Tavern Chat is the accompanying Podcast.
Blog tenkarstavern.com
Facebook Followers 956Twitter Followers 141 Frequency 1 post / day Since Jun 2008 Domain Authority 40 Get Email Contact

22. Stargazer's World

Stargazer's World Stargazer's World is a blog dedicated to classic pen-and-paper roleplaying games, founded by Michael Wolf. The blog explores the roleplaying industry, community, and personal experiences with the hobby, including discussions on mental health. Initially a solo project, the blog expanded in 2010 with contributors like Andrew Modro. Today, Michael remains the primary author. The site also features creative works like the 'Stargazer' mascot by Symatt and provides content under a Creative Commons license.
Blog stargazersworld.com
Twitter Followers 1.2K Frequency 2 posts / month Since Aug 2008 Domain Authority 37 Get Email Contact

23. Magpie Games Blog

Magpie Games Blog Magpie Games' blog provides in-depth insights and updates on their diverse tabletop roleplaying games. Founded by Mark Diaz Truman and Marissa Kelly in 2011, Magpie Games focuses on creating immersive gaming experiences and fostering an inclusive community. The blog features contributions from the dedicated team, offering a blend of news, game development updates, and community stories. Known for successful titles like 'Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game,' Magpie Games continues to innovate and support the TTRPG industry through their engaging content and inclusive initiatives.
Blog magpiegames.com
Facebook Followers 6KTwitter Followers 10.4KInstagram Followers 7.9K Frequency 1 post / month Domain Authority 47 Get Email Contact

24. G*M*S Magazine » Role Playing Games

G*M*S Magazine » Role Playing Games GMS Magazine's Role Playing Game blog provides detailed reviews, insights, and news on various RPGs. Founded by Paco Jaen, a passionate advocate for tabletop gaming, the blog covers a wide range of RPG topics, offering content from experienced contributors like Endzeitgeist. Known for its thorough and thoughtful analyses, GMS Magazine is a valuable resource for RPG enthusiasts seeking in-depth information and expert opinions.
Blog gmsmagazine.com
Facebook Followers 516Twitter Followers 7.8KInstagram Followers 688 Frequency 1 post / month Since Jul 2010 Domain Authority 35 Get Email Contact

25. Farsight Blogger

Farsight Blogger Farsight Blogger is a comprehensive blog by Jonathan Hicks, dedicated to tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs). Jonathan, a seasoned gamer and writer, shares his expertise through game reviews, design tips, and detailed discussions on various RPG systems. The blog features original content on popular games like 'Deep Space' and 'Those Dark Places,' offering valuable insights for both novice and experienced gamers. Farsight Blogger is a rich resource for anyone interested in the world of tabletop gaming.
Blog farsightblogger.blogspot.com
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26. The Other Side

The Other Side The Other Side is a blog by Timothy S. Brannan, dedicated to all things related to tabletop role-playing games (RPGs). Tim, a game designer and writer, shares his deep insights into various RPG systems, character creation, and game mechanics. The blog often features discussions on witchcraft in gaming, detailed reviews of RPG books, and personal anecdotes from Tim's extensive gaming experience. It is a valuable resource for both new and veteran RPG enthusiasts looking for comprehensive and engaging content.
Blog theotherside.timsbrannan.com
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27. Cross Planes

Cross Planes Cross Planes is a blog run by Mark Craddock, a dedicated tabletop RPG enthusiast and game designer. The blog features a wide range of content, including game reviews, house rules, and custom content for systems like Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, and the OSR (Old School Renaissance) community. Mark shares his creative ideas, campaign settings, and character options, aiming to inspire fellow gamers and game masters. His passion for the hobby is evident in his detailed posts and downloadable resources, making Cross Planes a valuable resource for tabletop RPG enthusiasts.
Blog crossplanes.com
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28. DMDavid Blog

DMDavid Blog DM David is a blog offering insights, tools, and inspiration for Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts, created by David Hartlage. David, who has been captivated by RPGs since 1977, shares his extensive knowledge and experience through regular posts on game design, session management, and creative storytelling. As a seasoned Dungeon Master, David has participated in major gaming conventions and runs weekly D&D sessions. His blog is a valuable resource for both new and experienced players, featuring practical advice, reviews, and a comprehensive gallery of dungeon tiles.
Blog dmdavid.com
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29. Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Lamentations of the Flame Princess Lamentations of the Flame Princess (LotFP) blog, led by James Edward Raggi IV, explores dark fantasy tabletop RPGs with a unique and provocative twist. Raggi, known for his controversial yet imaginative content, frequently updates the blog with new releases, event information, and industry commentary. The blog is a hub for horror and historical fantasy enthusiasts, featuring contributions from various artists and designers. LotFP stands out for its bold approach, challenging conventional RPG norms and offering a distinct, edgy gaming experience.
Blog lotfp.blogspot.com
Facebook Followers 3.2KTwitter Followers 3K Frequency 1 post / year Since May 2008 Domain Authority 36 Get Email Contact

30. Dicegeeks » RPG News

Dicegeeks » RPG News Dicegeeks.com is a comprehensive blog offering news, resources, and insights into tabletop role-playing games. Founded by Matt Davids, the blog features a variety of content, including random tables, adventure hooks, and game master tips. Matt, an experienced game master and author, provides valuable resources to enhance RPG experiences. The blog also hosts the Dicegeeks podcast, where Matt interviews industry professionals and shares practical advice for gamers. With a commitment to enriching the RPG community, Dicegeeks.com is an essential resource for tabletop enthusiasts.
Blog dicegeeks.com
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Michael Tresca Columnists Editorenworld.org
John McCarroll Authorrpgfan.com
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Tomás Giménez Rioja Authortribality.com@tgimenezrgm
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Jonathan Hicks Authorfarsightblogger.blogspot.com@jonmarkhicks2.7K
Timothy S. Brannan Authortheotherside.timsbrannan.com@timsbrannan3.2K
Mark Craddock Authorcrossplanes.com@sunsword1.5K
DM David Hartlage Authordmdavid.com@dmdavidblog5K
Jim LotFP Authorlotfp.blogspot.com
Mat Authordicegeeks.com/rpg-news
Martin Ralya Authormartinralya.com@martinralya745
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Bill Roper Writerhappyjacks.org/blog@billroper3.1K
Blythe Manor Writerhappyjacks.org/blog@blythekala932.4K
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