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Here are 80 Best OSR Blogs you should follow in 2023

1. The Glatisant

The Glatisant Wichita, Kansas, US
The best writing and videos from the Old-School D&D internet, all in once place. Subscribers are entered in my giveaways.
37.7K 1 post / week DA 68 Get Email Contact

2. Dyson's Dodecahedron Blog

Dyson's Dodecahedron Blog I'm Dyson. I've been gaming since 1979 in a variety of game systems, but most often playing Dungeons & Dragons. This is a general RPG blog, wh...ere I talked a lot about the games I've played and how I like to play them.more
21K 1 post / day Mar 2009 DA 46 Get Email Contact

3. Tenkar's Tavern

Tenkar's Tavern A blog focused on OSR gaming, the Swords & Wizardry RPG, and all things Dungeons & Dragons. The blog is written by Christopher Stogdill and Tenkar. Ta...vern Chat is the accompanying Podcast.more
956 141 6 posts / week Jun 2008 DA 40 Get Email Contact

4. Grumpy Wizard Blog

Grumpy Wizard Blog Cleveland, Ohio, US
Grumpy Wizard Blog offers essays on sword & sorcery fiction, classic adventure gaming, and heavy metal music.
40 909 587 1 post / week DA 91 Get Email Contact

5. Grognardia

Grognardia James Maliszewski started roleplaying in the late Fall of 1979 when he opened up a copy of the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set edited by Dr. J. Eric Holm...es originally purchased for his father. More than 40 years later, he's still playing. This blog is where James collects his memories and musings about roleplaying games and related nonsense, as well as articles about the history of the hobby from its earliest beginnings to the present day.more
1 post / day DA 47 Get Email Contact

6. The Other Side Blog

The Other Side Blog The Other Side Blog is a game design blog from Timothy S. Brannan. He is also a writer, he has authored The Witch for Swords & Wizardry White Box. In ...his blog, you can find his character-building techniques, his views on books, and various other topics that intrigue him.more
526 4K 360 1 post / day DA 40 Get Email Contact

7. Old School RPG Planet

Old School RPG Planet Old School RPG Planet, as the name suggests is a blog that collects Old School RPG blog posts.
14 posts / day DA 36 Get Email Contact

8. Fabled Lands

Fabled Lands London, England, UK
A site dedicated to gamebooks, role-playing games and interactive fiction, in particular the works of best-selling authors and award-winning game desi...gners Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson.more
1.4K 1 post / week DA 39 Get Email Contact

9. False Machine

False Machine Birkenhead, England, UK
1.1K 1 post / week DA 39 Get Email Contact

10. Papers & Pencils

Papers & Pencils Papers & Pencils writes about dungeons, dragons, how the author runs his games, house rules, dungeon designs, dungeon moon, deadly dungeons, and more.
3 posts / year DA 40 Get Email Contact

11. Prismatic Wasteland

Prismatic Wasteland Prismatic Wasteland is about monsters, mysteries, mosquitillos, borderland, hexcrawl, and more.
2.8K 2 posts / week DA 13 Get Email Contact

12. Traverse Fantasy

Traverse Fantasy Texas, US
My name is Marcia and I like to blog about tabletop games and analyze cultural trends through a Marxist and Freudian lens because I'm bored. I jus...t released a free retroclone of the original 1974 game, called 'Fantastic Medieval Campaigns'.more
1.8K 2 posts / week DA 18 Get Email Contact

13. Roles, Rules, and Rolls

Roles, Rules, and Rolls rolesrules.blogspo..
1 post / day DA 32 Get Email Contact

14. Jeffs Gameblog

Jeffs Gameblog Jeffs Gameblog is an extraordinary blog where the author tries things that are bizarre yet entertaining and blogs his experiences here. Also catch up ...on other articles about OSR, fantasy games, and more.more
2 posts / month DA 38 Get Email Contact

15. Delta's D&D Hotspot

Delta's D&D Hotspot deltasdnd.blogspot..
692 1 post / week DA 36 Get Email Contact

16. Swords & Stitchery

Swords & Stitchery New Hartford, New York, US
Swords & Stitchery is a blog about sewing machine repairs, but mainly my hobbies include old school role-playing games, science fiction, films, horror..., and general geekery.more
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17. Remixes and Revelations

Remixes and Revelations Remixes and Revelations blog is hosted by Yami Bakura. She creates creepy artwork and writes about monsters, OSR, character class, and more.
1 post / month DA 12 Get Email Contact

18. Blog of Holding

Blog of Holding Blog of Holding is all about fantasy gaming, dungeons, and dragons. Find guides, books, articles, and more.
1 post / month DA 40 Get Email Contact

19. Monsters and Manuals

Monsters and Manuals Creator of Yoon-Suin and other materials. Propounding my half-baked ideas on role-playing games. Jotting down and elaborating on ideas for campaigns, ...missions, and adventures. Talking about general industry-related matters. Putting a new twist on gaming.more
4 posts / week DA 37 Get Email Contact

20. Mazirian's Garden

Mazirian's Garden maziriansgarden.bl..
1 post / week DA 26 Get Email Contact

21. Methods & Madness

Methods & Madness methodsetmadness.b..
3 posts / week DA 27 Get Email Contact

22. Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets

Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets A blog that I contribute to every other day now, it was daily, full of spells, monsters, and miscellaneous about traditional gaming with a bit of comm...entary on the various influences that contribute to a game full of flavor. Since I run Swords & Wizardry and Labyrinth Lord there will be a focus on these games when it comes to game write-ups, but considering how easy conversions are between the simulacrum systems, anything contributed to the games can easily be used in BFRPG or any of the other retro-clones with very little effort.more
1 post / day DA 29 Get Email Contact

23. Venger's Old School Gaming Blog

Venger's Old School Gaming Blog Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, US
This blog is an eldritch melange of savagery, super-science, and sorcery!Are you a devotee of neo-OSR, paper and pencil, tabletop roleplaying games li...ke Call of Cthulhu, Vampire: the Masquerade, Hollow Earth Expedition, The Mutant Epoch, Encounter Critical, WEG Star Wars, Dark Conspiracy, Marvel Super Heroes, Paranoia, and all the retro-awesomeness of the original fantasy RPG, then come aboard. Let this be your virtualmore
2 posts / week DA 35 Get Email Contact

24. Beyond Fomalhaut

Beyond Fomalhaut Pecs, Baranya, Hungary
Beyond Fomalhaut is dedicated to reviews of things that catch my fancy, reflections on game-related issues, plans that go nowhere, and whatever else c...omes up. The blog is written by Melan.more
2 posts / month DA 30 Get Email Contact

25. Bat in the Attic

Bat in the Attic Bat in the Attic is a blog on 30 years of gaming and Sandbox Fantasy. Hosted by Robert Conley.
2 posts / month DA 38 Get Email Contact

26. Age of Dusk

Age of Dusk A former YDIS shock trooper with a checkered past, as of March 2018, Prince officially joined the gentry of the OSR by teaming up with The Merciless M...erchants and writing a kickass adventure. Explore OSR, reviews, play reports, setting material, fear, book talk, merciless annihilation, and more.more
1 post / week DA 28 Get Email Contact

27. Coins and Scrolls

Coins and Scrolls coinsandscrolls.bl..
4 posts / month DA 38 Get Email Contact

28. Akratic Wizardry

Akratic Wizardry Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A blog wherein I scribble about various role-playing games (Mythras, Middle-earth Role-playing, Adventures in Middle-Earth, Against the Darkmaster, Cl...assic Dungeons and Dragons, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Into the Unknown, Crypts and Things, Swords and Wizardry, Call of Cthulhu, etc.) and RPG settings (Greyhawk, Middle-earth, Cthulhu Mythos, Lyonesse, Young Kingdoms, etc.). I also write about fantasy and science-fiction films, novels, art, TV shows, and the like.more
3 posts / month DA 33 Get Email Contact

29. Save vs. Total Party Kill

Save vs. Total Party Kill Toronto, Ontario, Canada
This is a blog about D&D. I started playing D&D when I was 12 or 13. A family friend ran a campaign for me, my brother, and my cousin using his copy o...f the Rules Cyclopedia. That was a million years ago. I recently got back into D&D. Wizards of the Coast announced D&D 4th Edition, which got one of my friends interested in running a game.more
2 posts / month DA 35 Get Email Contact

30. Rise Up Comus

Rise Up Comus Rise Up Comus is about fantasy gaming, dungeons, and dragons, wizardry, and more.
2 posts / month DA 24 Get Email Contact

31. Havard's Blackmoor Blog

Havard's Blackmoor Blog Norway
This is a blog dedicated to Dave Arneson's Blackmoor. The World of Mystara will also most likely appear here given the fondness of the author towa...rds that fantastic setting.more
1 post / month DA 29 Get Email Contact

32. OSR Grimoire

OSR Grimoire A historical exploration of the Dungeons & Dragons game. Dive deep into adventures and campaign settings from the early days of Dungeons & Dragons cov...ering vast, intercrossing storylines, amazingly written characters, magical moves, and whatnot. Check out OSR Grimoire for more updates.more
1 post / week DA 18 Get Email Contact

33. Applied Phantasticality

Applied Phantasticality Ohio, Illinois, US
Applied Phantasticality is a site devoted to fantasy and science fantasy role-playing games. Mainly Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and Dungeons & Dragons ...(esp. OD&D and B/X D&D). It is authored by Gordon Cooper. His interests are AD&D 1st Edition, AFMG, All for Me Grog RPG, Aquabats, archery, art, astronomy, Backswords & Bucklers, bagpipes, Basic/Expert D&D, Basic Role-Playing, BBC, bebop, bicycles, bicycling, big band, birdwatching, blues, board games, books, and much more.more
12 posts / month DA 15 Get Email Contact

34. Whose Measure God Could Not Take

Whose Measure God Could Not Take Whose Measure God Could Not Take yields uncertainty and unyielding bronze.
1 post / week DA 19 Get Email Contact

35. DIY & Dragons

DIY & Dragons DIY & Dragons is written by Anne. The blog is all about Dungeons and dragons, it also gives you ideas about doing it yourselves.
1 post / week DA 22 Get Email Contact

36. Gundobad Games

Gundobad Games The author is an ancient historian by day. Suave gaming geek by night! Gundobad Games is about discussing history, Role Playing Games, Wargames...etc.
1 post / month DA 23 Get Email Contact

37. Raven God Games

Raven God Games I am a freelance cartographer, writer, and game designer who has been involved with role-playing games for more than 30 years. I am the writer and cr...eator of Eldritch Tales: Lovecraftian White Box Roleplaying and Reaver RPG and have produced material for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea, AFS Magazine, Delving Deeper, Swords & Wizardry, and Tunnel Goons.more
172 1 post / day DA 21 Get Email Contact

38. Pits Perilous

Pits Perilous Pits Perilous is an old schoolery blog. They write about old-school games without dice, fantasy games, OSR, and more.
1 post / week DA 27 Get Email Contact

39. The Wandering Gamist

The Wandering Gamist The Wandering Gamist is written by Jedavis. He believes in every game there is a journey. Read his blog for articles o OSR, games, fantasy, dungeons a...nd dragons, and more.more
7 posts / quarter DA 27 Get Email Contact

40. Alone in the Labyrinth

Alone in the Labyrinth Alone in the Labyrinth is a blog about pen-and-paper RPGs, sandbox campaigning, storytelling, and world-building.
7 posts / month DA 17 Get Email Contact

41. I Cast Light

I Cast Light I Cast Light is a blog written by Warren D. He describes the blog as 'In the D&D BASIC rules, a blinded creature may not attack.'
6 posts / month DA 18 Get Email Contact

42. Numbers Aren't Real

Numbers Aren't Real Eastern Seaboard, US
Numbers Aren't Real is written by G. R. Michael. He is a software engineer. He is a religious person and his favorite book is The Bible. In his bl...og, he writes about Games, fantasy, OSR, and more.more
1 post / month DA 16 Get Email Contact

43. The Hapless Henchman

The Hapless Henchman Frederick, Maryland, US
The Hapless Henchman is a blog written by Noah. The blog contains articles about dragons and dungeon crawling in a kitchen-sink style.
5 posts / year DA 26 Get Email Contact

44. The Nothic's Eye

The Nothic's Eye Scotland, UK
The Nothic's Eye is a blog dedicated to role-playing, OSR, planescape, D&D, and more.
4 posts / quarter DA 19 Get Email Contact

45. Liche's Libram

Liche's Libram Liche's Libram is a blog focused on extruded fantasy games, OSR, wizards, glog, thieves, cults, tlon, and more. Some of the data is well organized... and easy to understand.more
2 posts / month DA 16 Get Email Contact

46. Vorpal Mace

Vorpal Mace Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Vorpal Mace is written by Tamas Illes. He is a humble fan of classic fantasy literature and old-school RPGs - both the tabletop and digital kind. The ...blog contains articles about games, OSR, RPG, and more. According to the author this blog is a gate to another world.more
1 post / quarter DA 31 Get Email Contact

47. All Dead Generations

All Dead Generations '[RPGs] make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances... existing already, given and transmitted from the past. The [dungeons] of all dead generations weigh like a nightmare on the [games] of the living.'more
5 posts / year DA 15 Get Email Contact

48. Peril and Plunder

Peril and Plunder My name is Zack; I've been playing D&D and other role-playing games since I was, I dunno, eight, maybe nine years old. I was fortunate to have par...ents not-at-all fazed by the Satanic panic aura surrounding D&D; they were just happy that I was reading above my grade level. I'm just a thirty-something dude who likes elf games.more
1 post / week DA 12 Get Email Contact

49. Dice Goblin Blog

Dice Goblin Blog 's-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
I'm Lars, a Dungeon Master for multiple campaigns for about 4 years now. My interests and inspiration has evolved all over the place during that t...ime: From 5e to PbtA to OSR and beyond. On this blog, I'll share my ideas about being a DM with the world, and hopefully add something useful to your personal DM toolbox!more
1 post / month DA 10 Get Email Contact

50. Tales of the Lunar Lands

Tales of the Lunar Lands Tales of the Lunar Lands is a blog discussing tabletop musings and more. Here you will find catchy articles on games, dungeons and dragons, art, and m...ore.more
1 post / month DA 11 Get Email Contact

51. A Knight at the Opera

A Knight at the Opera A Knight at the Opera is written by two friends. It's all about dungeons, dragons, OSR, fantasy games, the good and bad aspects, and more.
2 posts / month DA 6 Get Email Contact

52. Smoldering Wizard

Smoldering Wizard I'm Doug, a guy who grew up gaming with the old classics - mainly Holmes Basic and AD&D 1e. The Old-School Renaissance got me back into gaming onl...ine and with my family over a decade ago; now I enjoy playing lots of old-school games - originals, clones, and unique games alike. I'm Merias on a few internet forums.more
1 post / month DA 5 Get Email Contact

53. Necropraxis

Necropraxis Prague, Praha Hlavni mesto, Czech Republic
This is a blog primarily about traditional fantasy roleplaying games, with occasional digressions about other media relevant to tabletop roleplaying.
1 post / year DA 32 Get Email Contact

54. The Ruins of Murkhill

The Ruins of Murkhill Columbus, Ohio, US
I am Halenar Frosthelm, 66, a widower, a cancer survivor three times over, and now a heart attack survivor as well. I am a fan, ref, and player of OD&...D, the Original Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game (RPG), published in 1974. Halenar Frosthelm - The Perilous Dreamer (Perilous Dreams, Perilous Worlds, Perilous Lands, Perilous Journeys, Perilous Seas & Oceans, Perilous Adventures, Perilous Heroes, Perilous Monsters, Perilous Realms and many more Perilous things since 1975).more
1.2K 30 posts / year DA 22 Get Email Contact

55. Goblin Punch

Goblin Punch goblinpunch.blogsp..
16 posts / year DA 40 Get Email Contact

56. Northport

Northport Northport is about adventures in designing a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy setting. You will find articles on game art, dungeon fantasy, RPG, NPC, OSR, GURPS,... role-playing, and more.more
8 posts / year DA 23 Get Email Contact

57. Playing at the World

Playing at the World California, US
I am Jon Peterson. I am an author investigating the history of war games and role-playing games. Read my finding on Playing at the World.
1 post / year DA 43 Get Email Contact

58. Trollsmyth

Trollsmyth Langley, Washington, US
Trollsmyth reviews of genre-related movies, books, and art. Although the blog is mostly focused on personal thoughts and critique of RPGs, science fic...tion & fantasy.more
24 posts / year DA 32 Get Email Contact

59. Aeons & Augauries

Aeons & Augauries New England, North Dakota, US
30 posts / year DA 28 Get Email Contact

60. Ten Foot Polemic

Ten Foot Polemic tenfootpolemic.blo..
1 post / year DA 25 Get Email Contact

61. Echoes from the Geekcave

Echoes from the Geekcave Silver Spring, Maryland, US
5 posts / year DA 24 Get Email Contact

62. Halfling's Luck

Halfling's Luck Halfling's Luck is authored by James M. Spahn. This is a blog for table-top RPG discussions over a Pint and a Pipe!
2 posts / year DA 32 Get Email Contact

63. The Wasted Lands

The Wasted Lands Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Discuss and study classic editions of Dungeons & Dragons, including Advanced AD&D, B/X D&D, original OD&D, BECMI, and other old-school and OSR RPGs.
225 1 post / quarter DA 21 Get Email Contact

64. Bardiches & Bathhouses

Bardiches & Bathhouses Bardiches & Bathhouses the blog is musing on fantasy and historical gaming. You will find interesting articles about wizards, fantasy, art, and more.
3 posts / year DA 22 Get Email Contact

65. Goodberry Monthly

Goodberry Monthly Michigan, US
Goodberry Monthly is authored by Martin O. He has been blogging since 2015. He is in the science industry. In this blog, he writes about games, death,... exploration, and more.more
2 posts / quarter DA 14 Get Email Contact

66. Bones of Contention

Bones of Contention Bones of Contention defines itself as Skeleton Crew of Reviewers. The blog is contributed by many authors. The blog is about gaming, fantasy, OSR, and... more.more
1 post / quarter DA 25 Get Email Contact

67. An Abominable Fancy

An Abominable Fancy An Abominable Fancy is a blog by Joel Priddy which is about role-playing games.
8 posts / year DA 18 Get Email Contact

68. Melancholies and Mirth

Melancholies and Mirth Melancholies and Mirth is an OSR blog about thinking that requires underworld exploration!
2 posts / quarter DA 21 Get Email Contact

69. Shoalmont Games

Shoalmont Games Shoalmont Games is about running OSR, 5e, and Mini games. Find captivating articles about minigames with pictures and tables for better understanding.
6 posts / week DA 10 Get Email Contact

70. Engine of Oracles » OSR

Engine of Oracles » OSR Find posts about OSR written by Daniel James Hanley. The Engine of Oracles is a blog about gaming and is not meant as a vehicle for any particular pol...itical or religious beliefs.more
183 10 posts / year DA 25 Get Email Contact

71. Pretendo Games

Pretendo Games Arlington, Washington, US
Pretendo Games is written by Jason. It is about games, dungeons, dragons, fantasy, and more.
1 post / week DA 13 Get Email Contact

72. Axian Spice

Axian Spice Pisa, Toscana, Italy
I am Giuseppe Rotondo. I'm a husband and father of two, and I work as a teacher, usually tutoring teenage students with special needs. I also work... as a freelance RPG translator (English to Italian) and content creator and designer. In this blog I write about RPGs I like, play, and create.more
2 posts / week DA 18 Get Email Contact

73. Signs in the Wilderness

Signs in the Wilderness Blue Tent, California, US
Signs in the Wilderness is written by Joseph Fatula. He is interested in maps, antarctic explorers, page layout, smoked fish, text adventures, intermo...dal shipping, lambda calculus, Hardanger fiddle, voting systems, and muskets. His favorite movies are Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Hunt for Red October, Hopscotch, and The Sting.more
8 posts / year DA 20 Get Email Contact

74. Solo Dungeon Crawler

Solo Dungeon Crawler Leeds, England, UK
Solo Dungeon Crawler is the home of old school solo Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, how to play DnD solo and all other solo DnD needs, such as solo D&...D actual play and tutorials. You will also find information on the D&D BECMI rules and old school DnD history. If you want to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons solo and you love Basic D&D or old school revival/old school renaissance (OSR) table top RPG rules then this blog is for you.more
513 7 posts / year DA 2 Get Email Contact

75. The Elder Sküll

The Elder Sküll Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Elder Sküll focuses on being a blog dedicated to that harrowing and cruel master, gaming.
3 posts / year DA 19 Get Email Contact

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Timothy S. Brannan theotherside.timsbrannan.com 148
Timothy S. Brannan campaignwiki.org/osr 142
Needles swordsandstitchery.blogspot.com 133
Tenkar tenkarstavern.com 80
Roger G-S rolesrules.blogspot.com 67
Roger G-S campaignwiki.org/osr 67
James Maliszewski grognardia.blogspot.com 58
bät campaignwiki.org/osr 51
James Maliszewski campaignwiki.org/osr 46
Dyson Logos dysonlogos.blog 42
bät ancientvaults.wordpress.com 39
Timeshadows campaignwiki.org/osr 39
Dyson Logos campaignwiki.org/osr 30
Bryce Lynch campaignwiki.org/osr 28
Marcia B. traversefantasy.blogspot.com 25
Marcia B. campaignwiki.org/osr 25
Prince campaignwiki.org/osr 24
Yora campaignwiki.org/osr 21
Prince princeofnothingblogs.wordpress.com 20
The Weregrognard campaignwiki.org/osr 20
David The Archmage campaignwiki.org/osr 19
Eric Diaz methodsetmadness.blogspot.com 18
Eric Diaz campaignwiki.org/osr 18
Tedankhamen campaignwiki.org/osr 16
Venger Satanis vengersatanis.blogspot.com 16
Gordon Cooper appliedphantasticality.blogspot.com 15
Dave Morris fabledlands.blogspot.com 14
The Manticore campaignwiki.org/osr 14
Christopher Stogdill tenkarstavern.com 13
Idle Doodler campaignwiki.org/osr 13
Michael S/Chgowiz campaignwiki.org/osr 13
Norbert G. Matausch campaignwiki.org/osr 13
Bast campaignwiki.org/osr 12
Dan campaignwiki.org/osr 12
Travis Miller campaignwiki.org/osr 12
Akrasia akraticwizardry.blogspot.com 11
Havard: blackmoormystara.blogspot.com 11
Sofinho - Alone in the Labyrinth aloneinthelabyrinth.blogspot.com 11
Travis Miller grumpywizard.home.blog 11
Dennis Laffey campaignwiki.org/osr 10
hidden (vladar) campaignwiki.org/osr 10
Warren D. icastlight.blogspot.com 10
Akrasia campaignwiki.org/osr 9
Cross Planes campaignwiki.org/osr 9
David Leonard campaignwiki.org/osr 9
paleologos campaignwiki.org/osr 9
Sofinho - Alone in the Labyrinth campaignwiki.org/osr 8
Zenopus Archives campaignwiki.org/osr 8
Dwiz campaignwiki.org/osr 7
James V. West campaignwiki.org/osr 7
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